Desk Rental Tracking

Co-working Space and Office management software and hardware.


Tenant Management
Tenant booking, Desk availability, track subscription, Monthly billing, Auto renewal reminder and more.
Shared Calendar
What's happening at your Co-working space? is the room booked? tenants or public can view from their shared calendar. You can even see it from your Google Calendar.

Automatic Billing
Co-working space subscription invoice billed automatically to members. Make payment on local payment gateway. Xero integrated.
Meeting Room Rental Management
Book meeting room and see availability from your comfort of your desk. Room rental automated.
Co-working access control
Self checkin, enter using mobile key, scan QR and restrict access to room automatically.
Why we use wifi? refer here Here.
Read our Policy.
Tenants Access Monitoring
Keep track of tenants door access from your dashboard.

More Features

Locker Key
Locker rental with mobile key. Pay online and self unlock.
Wifi Management
Automatically generate wifi code when members booked, set limit to bandwidth and number of devices.
Credit Management
Sell or enable members to earn credits to redeem on wifi, printing or locker usage.
Tenancy Agreement & Contract
No more issuing paper tenancy agreement.
Mobile Key & QR Access
Short term members does not require access card to enter. Just use their mobile phone or scan receipt.
Door Management
Track your members card and time, limit access to room according to rental.
Why our door access use wifi
Read our Policy.
Reports & Monitoring
Exporting and co-working space overview on your dashboard.
Smart Printer
Charge monthly usage to members by their print amount, paper size, colors, and credit usage.
Export your invoice, receipts or monthly transaction on spreadsheets.
White Label
Use your own logo.
Front Desk Visitor Checkin
Members bringing friends? no problem, just sign them up.
Single Access Card
Too many doors? Use one access card, limit members access to room they allowed to enter via subscription period or time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide local support?
Yes we provide on site support and hardware installation, 24 hours.
What payment types do you have?
We offer Malaysia bank transfer (FPX).
Can you build features for us?
Our platform is Software as a Service (SaaS), we do not offer any customization for each co-working space.
Read our Policy.
Do you integrate with accounting software?
No, but our payment provider provide integration with Xero, please integrate on your own.
Read our Policy.
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