co working space software overview
co working space software overview

Payment Booking & Automatic Billing

No more worrying collecting payment in time, our billing system will do automatic deduction from card complete with invoices and receipts. We even do booking payment and lock down the seat.

FPX, Credit card, Debit Card & Auto Debit supported.


Tenants Management

Keep updated who's in house, which seats or new applicants anywhere, and get reports on your tenants monthly or annually.

Shared Calendar & Room Booking

Everyone able to see which event is going at your space and tenants able to see which meeting room are currently occupied and book for later.


Meeting Room Booking

Check meeting room availablity, via your Campfyre account calendar and make a booking.

Restrict access to room, only accessible on dashboard or app for thos whoe made reservation.

Wifi Management

Your co workers or tenants will automatically get wifi access once they made a booking. Wifi access limited according to subscriptions.


Glass Remote Door Access
Lantern 1.0

No need to issue access card for new members, Campfyre will send a 'button' link as keys, via email to open the door once they've paid online.

Purchase Lantern 1.0 to be intergrated with your magnetic door lock.

Lookout for our new Bluetooth based Lantern 2.0 coming soon.


Tenancy Agreement & Contract Auto Generated

When your customer done a booking, they will receive tenancy agreement to sign.

Reports & Analytics

You'll get report monthly or annually about your Co Working Space.

Smart Door, Smart Printer & Wifi Integration

Keep track of all your Co Working Spaces machines & access.

White Label

Use your Co Working Space logo.