Payment Booking & Automatic Billing

Save cost, manpower & time

> Automated payment reminder.
> Automated invoicing & receipts.
> Payment status.
> Table booking.
> Multiple payment methods (Bank transfer, card, & auto debit).


Tenants Management

Track subscription, manage tenants and their team, manage desk.

Shared Calendar & Room Booking

Everyone sync and in the same page.

> Room availability.
> Shows events.
> Manage Rooms & events.


Booking Form

We offer booking to your coworking space from anywhere.

> Booking through your website.
> Booking through, integrate with your dashboard

Wifi Management

Offer free wifi only for your customers, automatically

> Automated wifi access distribution.
> Manage wifi quota.
> Limit numbers of devices.


Glass Remote Door Access

No need to issue access card for new members, Campfyre will send a 'button' link as keys, via email to open the door once they've paid online.

> Magnetic door lock.
> Card Access.
> Pincode.
> Unlock door via phone.
> Unlock door via QR code.
> Face recognition.


Tenancy Agreement & Contract

For new co working space, we have tenancy agreement template for you, ready to use. With CampFyre, no signature required.

Auto Renewal

Campfyre will track coworking space tenants subscription for auto renewal.

Door, Printer & Wifi Hardware

All coworking space hardwares are integratable to Campfyre.

White Label

Use your Co Working Space logo.