Neutrino Space



My first time visited Neutrino Space, the hyped Blockchain co-working space on tech news, starting with stepping down from Shibuya train station, it's about 15-20 mins walk, while also uphill. You may easily find the space via Google maps and the image is the map direction from 7 Eleven where you can get free Wifi ;)

Reaching the location, quite hidden, I arrived at a lobby. It will says Level 1, but actually down the basement. Not sure why.


neutrino-coworking-space-1 neutrino-coworking-space-2

After visited so many workspace, although I din't get the cheerful welcoming i usually get, or maybe south east Asia more friendlier or maybe need more female community manager, whatever the reason.

Before arrival I did specifically mentioned about a tour at the space, I guess Neutrino community manager have forgotten about that.
Maybe it's not the culture for free tour like co spaces in South East Asia.
however we did land a meeting to explore Omise payment gateway collaboration. They seems did not want much interest in partnership, but after exploring their website, we found out we can just self intergrate by refering to Omise documentation for anyone willing to use Omise payment.

Favourite thing

neutrino-coworking-space-vending neutrino-coworking-space-vending2

What inspired me is the self paid fridge lock, I inspired by this idea to add it out in one of Campfyre R&D someday.
Looking at the problem our co-working spaces have to go through in automated their pantry, thanks Japan.

Thanks to Neutrino for the Free sticker.


Mac Jake
Managing Partner @ Campfyre